Entry #9

It's happening

2016-09-01 09:44:01 by Triented

So my obsession with music is finally paying off, I am gaining more recognition from my local area for my electronic music production. All I really want is to make a living, fame? Bleh, I know fame means money but I don't really care about anything other than this music simply providing all I need to just live. But record labels are now beginning to take an interest in my work, and I only grow increasingly obsessed with the dirty bass to the silky lead. Wanna review? Hit me up!


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2016-09-01 10:19:06

Damn. Good for you, dunno how you get the attention.

Triented responds:

Man, it's really about pulling the trigger. You gotta commit, support others, be physically involved in the scene and culture; make a presence, and appearence in your area. Promote yourself, or if you have te funds, hire people to show others your music through soundcloud, newgrounds, etc.
It's a sales game man, and it's a climb too. Just gotta really hit it as much as possible dude, but at the same time... Show your love and passion for it, show your interests man. Don't get frustrated by the lack of feedback! Just continue your input musically, and critically. That's all I have to say. (: Good luck man! I know it can be challenging, but being in love with anything is going to come with it's challenges.


2016-09-14 10:29:54

How do you gain support locally for electronic music? I live in a small town and it's difficult for me to get anywhere music-wise here.

Triented responds:

I live 45 minutes away from Dallas, which is home to a LOT of nightlife.
Your best bet in my opinion, depending on where you live; is to go to clubs, and social gatherings that play the type of music you create. Also don't be afraid to show every single person you can your songs in person, and DONT undercut yourself.
Unfortunately, if you live in an extremely rural area with no major cities surrounding... you'll have to go grass roots. If there are other people who listen to the music you make there, start with them. BE their friend, don't just use them as an outlet because they'll catch a bad vibe from that. Good luck though man, I started in 2005 in a VERY small town. Thankfully I didn't care about support or whatever, I just made the music for myself.
If you're young, don't have a car, don't have the means to move yet, just stick to making music to enjoy it.
Engage in your facebook friends and ask them what kind of music they like, if it suits your bill, show them (: