It's happening

2016-09-01 09:44:01 by Triented

So my obsession with music is finally paying off, I am gaining more recognition from my local area for my electronic music production. All I really want is to make a living, fame? Bleh, I know fame means money but I don't really care about anything other than this music simply providing all I need to just live. But record labels are now beginning to take an interest in my work, and I only grow increasingly obsessed with the dirty bass to the silky lead. Wanna review? Hit me up!

New Alias, No Laptop

2014-04-21 17:09:29 by Triented

Hey there yall!
I haven't posted a song in a while and for a good but shitty reason.

My laptop has failed me, and I am currently busy in multiple real life affairs.

By december I should be back on track with a plethora of new equipment. Don't think I'll burn out so easy! I will always go hard in the EDM department when I have the chance, but for the moment I am on hiatus.


2012-09-26 06:55:11 by Triented

I think everyone who is my fan don't even use their accounts anymore, oh well. That's why I haven't been posting news, but maybe someone will drop a line out there...

Well Newgrounds...
My writer's block is coming to an end. After contemplating stupid fucking ideas like "Happy Hardcore Times", singles, EPs and shit, I'm going to contemplate another stupid fucking idea called a "Demo Package". Since my terrible long writer's block I've been discovering new genre's of music to explore, taking tutorials, and just plain fucking around with FL Studio every once in a while, and I've gathered some new skills. So I'm ready to get back out there and start making tracks again.

I have also made a youtube account. Here is the link

(Hopefully) Making a demo package

Happy (Hardcore) Times

2009-05-03 14:11:17 by Triented

I'm going to create a free album, Happy Hardcore Times, with nothing but happy hardcore music, I don't really know how many tracks or planned this out. I'm not in any hurry, and nobody is waiting.
But Here's the Album Cover

Happy (Hardcore) Times


2008-07-25 00:28:31 by Triented

-Wednesday, November 26 2008-

Okay this is the deal, I'm working on a Trance remix of an Ambient song called homebase by epanaosei. So far the remix is going so great I can hardly contain my self. It's lost a bit of originality due to the fact that I'm basically leeching off of Karco's trance style, but at least I'm not butchuring it. I don't know when I'll release the song, I have a lot of free time this week, (Thanks Giving Woo!) and am hoping to finish it by the end of this week.

I have scrapped the Unleashed Remix, and I won't be going back to it.

-Saturday, November 15 2008-
So, because I've run dry of originality in a tune, I decided to remix a song of one of my favorite artists, Karco.
I'm Remixing his song "Unleashed", which he actually is developing a single for, and a bunch of artists pitched in to add remixes, but I was too late, and I decided not to do it. Well, a long long time later, I have decided to do a remix anyway.
And the idea actually popped in when I was working on a song, and I thought "Hmm, I should do that, because the tune is awesome."
So here I am, Remixing Karco. Haha!

Remix Demo: /187432

Original Song: /143956
-Thursday, July 31 2008-
I have officially acquired a taste for Speedcore/Splittercore/Gabber
All kinds of Hardcore, that speedcore track I did called Speed City 900 was a huge joke, it was made as a joke.
If I wanted to make a real speedcore song, I would make it.
I'm working on the lyrics for "Driven by the Mountains". As expected it's a love song, couldn't think of any other way to put it.

Right now, I'm listening to this

/* */

-Wednesday, July 30 2008-
I have started work on a new song, this one will be a trance song, I've named it "Driven by the Mountains" And for real this time, I'm actually putting a hell of alot of work into it, polishing and what not, the song will have Lyrics, and will be sung by me, I'm going to start writing the lyrics effective tomorrow.
I have found some pretty good VST's at KVR Audio and am putting them into great use.
-Thursday, July 24 2008-
Okay, I've had writers block for a good long while now, about 5 months. Right now I'm working on a song called "A state of Altered Dreams" I plan to have this done today.
Check out the demo for the song. It's about in mid range of the song.
In other news, I'm experimenting with various types of music, as seen by my last few submissions.
I'm trying to find my strong point in music, so right now I'm just variety.
I'm starting to pick up knowledge about stuff now, theory about synthesizers and such. This will help me find the best VST.

Voice Actor/Vocalist

2008-06-13 11:06:10 by Triented

Anyone who needs a voice actor/vocalist.
I'm always here!
My Reel


2007-11-11 13:05:01 by Triented

Technologica has been cancelled. Now I use FL.


2007-08-06 17:10:48 by Triented

Okay so I am making an album called technologica.
This album will be most likley composed of 10 songs or more...or less.
I got a new song called funny bone which is an add to the album Technologica.
The Machine layout is as uploaded